We tested a landing page for one of our clients that had been producing good paid search results for a few years.  We created a new landing page with a cleaner look, more noticeable call to action and removed some of the navigation that would distract our visitor.  Then we set up an experiment in Adwords and let our landing page run against the existing page for 30 days.

The results were amazing.  We achieved a 53% increase in conversion rate and a 33% decrease in the cost per conversion.

Here is the screen shot from our Adwords experiment (the experiment was the new landing Page):


When designing our new page we focused on the one thing that really mattered to our client: Have the visitor create an account.  With that in mind we took the following steps when creating the landing page:

  • Created copy with a clear call to action
  • Created a call to action button that was much bigger and more noticeable
  • Changed the text of the call to action button from “Get Started Now” to “Create An Account” so the visitor knew exactly what they were getting when they clicked.
  • Along with having a single conversion goal (create an account) we also stated our unique selling proposition, customer testimonials, hero shot and listed benefits of working with our client.
  • Developed a clean, easy-to-read page.