We have been managing a local Doctor who is a General Practitioner in the suburbs of a major city in the US.  The objectives of this campaign were to increase new patients to the practice.  A conversion for this Doctor is defined by a phone call to their office, book an appointment on their website or to fill out a contact us form.

Data analysis from October 2014 through March 2015:

  • 118 Phone Call Conversions
  • 74 Book An Appointment Conversions
  • 13 Contact Us Conversions
  • Total of 205 conversions during the time period at 18.19/conv.

Overall Account Data:


Strategies employed to achieve the above results:

Call tracking installed: added call tracking so we could optimize the data that generated a call to our client. This is one of the most under-utilized aspects of PPC account optimization. Most clients want their phone to ring.

Keyword expansion: conducted extensive keyword research to add highly targeted keywords to increase traffic.

Account Optimization: paused over spending keywords & ads and increased the bids for keywords & ads that were performing well.

Ad copy testing: constantly testing new ad copy to help increase click through rate and conversions. The main component of a high quality score is a high click through rate and one of the best ways to accomplish high CTR’s is ad copy testing.

Landing Page Testing: the client utilized a high converting landing page to increase conversion rate from 6.93% to 16.71%.

The Doctor acquired enough patients and has currently paused the account because his practice is too busy to keep up with the demand.

Actual email from the Doctor:

“Hi guys. We are too busy again until we can get another provider, so let’s stop the PPC now. thanks.”