For the past three and a half years we have been managing an attorney who advertises in 3 cities. The objective of this campaign was to increase conversions. A conversion for this client is defined by a phone call, an online chat conversion or free consult request form filled out on their website.

Data analysis comparing 2014 to 2016 (through September of 2016):

  • 204% conversion increase in the first year (252 conv. March 2013 through Feb. 2014, 767 conv. March 2014 through Feb 2015)
  • 92% conversion increase in the second year (767 conv. March 2015 through Feb. 2015, 1471 conv.  March 2016 through Feb. 2016)
  • 13% conversion rate increase in the first year (11.54% conv. rate March 2013 through Feb. 2014, 11.67% conv. rate March 2014 through Feb 2015)
  • 51% conversion rate increase in the second year (11.67% conv. rate March 2014 through Feb. 2015, 17.79% conv. rate March 2015 through Feb 2016)

Conversions vs. Conv. Rate data:


Strategies employed to achieve the above results:

  • Tracking all conversions that led to a desired action on the website.  We identified all actions our client wanted to track to ensure we were managing the keywords and ad copy that were driving conversions.   
  • Call tracking installed: added call tracking code so we could optimize the data that generated a call to our client.  This is one of the most under-utilized aspects of PPC account optimization.  Most clients, especially attorneys, want their phone to ring.
  • Tracking online chat conversions: added special tracking code to the clients website to track when a visitor to the website entered their contact information into the online chat program.  Then we imported those conversions from Google Analytics to Google Adwords.
  • Offline & Online coordination: coordinated our online ads with the client’s offline advertising.  Constantly changed our online ads to match the client’s offline promotions.  This established a consistent marketing message. 
  • Keyword expansion: conducted extensive keyword research to add highly targeted keywords to increase traffic.
  • Ad copy testing: constantly testing new ad copy to help increase click through rate and conversions.  The main component of a high quality score is a high click through rate and one of the best ways to accomplish high CTR’s is ad copy testing.
  • Competitor campaign optimization: Worked with our client to identify major competitors and added new ad groups to capture our competitions traffic and have unique messaging to help drive a portion of that traffic to our client’s site and convert it at an acceptable cost/conversion.
  • Conversion optimization testing: the client utilized our conversion optimization service to increase conversion rate by 51% year over year.